Unique Shelter Solutions Beds Now Available in Three Options

3 Storm Shelter Options

Unique Shelter Solutions in east Texas is excited to offer Life Lift Vortex Vaults Shelter beds, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. These innovative Shelter Beds are one of the most quickly accessible storm/safe rooms available today. The Life Lift Vortex Vaults Bed endured rigorous testing by the Texas Wind Institute which has to hold up to their pneumatic cannon firing various construction materials at it at wind speeds of 250 MPH replicating the same deadly speeds found in EF5 tornadoes- the worst recorded tornado. It has been tested by FEMA standards, and is able to withstand EF5 tornadoes, hurricane-force winds or damaging straight winds which can all be deadly in eastern Texas.

The most innovative feature is that it is installed under your bed. It is out of sight and out of the way, until danger approaches. You and your loved ones do not have to risk going outside into the storm to an outdoor shelter or drive in treacherous elements to a safe place. Simply deploy and open the door for full access inside the comfort and safety of your own bedroom. Don’t worry about navigating dangerous stairs—or worry about flooding, spiders, or snakes in traditional shelters. You can count on easy accessibility for those in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues. Unique Shelter Solutions in Tyler, Texas now offers three options available of this innovative life-saving shelter. Each option can be made to fit your Twin, Full, Queen or King-size beds. The number of people who will fit is determined by the size you choose.

Three Stage Protection

Fully Deployed Storm Shelter Bed


This model was demonstrated on ABC’s Shark Tank and impressed Mark Cuban enough to invest to save lives. On ordinary days, it looks and feels like your own comfy bed with your personal choice of mattress and bedding. Yet when severe weather approaches, the bed is telescopically deployed in 60 seconds offering full protection from the most dangerous tornado, earthquake or home invasion. The 57-inch height allows the elderly and those using wheelchairs, walkers and canes immediate easy access. It’s a great choice for your entire family. It is especially helpful for those who struggle with going underground or who have experienced trauma. A USB port keeps you connected through the danger. There’s also full ventilation and back-up battery power in case of an outage.

Slope Top

Slope Storm Shelter Bed

The Slope Top lifts the head of the bed, making it our medium-priced option. The head lifts to 38-inch tall (equivalent to a few inches taller than a kitchen counter). Several adults can sit comfortably at this end. The foot of the bed remains at the 19-inch height allowing someone to lay at the end of the shelter. Keep your valuables and irreplaceable papers stored safely inside.  The Slope Top Shelter gives assurance your family is fully protected from tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and home invasions. On normal days you can use the slope mechanism to watch TV, or aide in breathing or reflux problems. The Slope Top has the same USB port, ventilation and battery power.

Standard Bed Frame

Standard Storm Shelter Bed

The most economical choice is our Standard Bed Frame which remains at 19-inch-tall but offers the same complete protection from tornadoes, straight winds, earthquakes and home invasions. Just open the door and crawl under your bed to ride out the danger in total safety. This is a good option when your family members are capable of crawling under the bed.

Contact us at Unique Shelter Solutions in Tyler, Texas where we are dedicated to keeping our neighbors in East Texas safe.

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