"To anyone interested in and concerned about the safety of our schools …

I spent 31 years protecting and serving citizens of Missouri and the United States and the Staying Home dual-purpose shelter is the most exciting prospect I have seen on the market for protecting our school children and teachers from the threats of school shooters and tornados.

Its unique design puts the shelter right in the classroom where it provides instant bullet-proof and tornado protection of up to 25 students plus the teacher. No more turning off lights and barricading a classroom door with desks and chairs hoping the shooter will go on and no more herding students to a brick and mortar storm-shelter located somewhere else on campus hoping you get there before the tornado hits. This is real protection where you need it the most – IN THE CLASSROOM.

I would encourage anyone contemplating school safety issues to consider the Staying Home Shelter."

Mark S. James
Director, Missouri Dept. of Public Safety and Homeland Security Advisor (2005-2009)
U.S. Bureau of ATF Special Agent in Charge (retired) and former Chief of Intelligence (1987-2007)
Missouri State Trooper and former Supervisor of Intelligence Section (1978-1987)

"I have been the superintendent for the Quitman School District since 2014. One of the things the district had need of was a tornado safe shelter. Communities and school districts to the East and West of Quitman had been devastated by tornadoes in recent years and as time went by, school safety became a very high priority due to so many school shootings.

A stand-alone tornado shelter has its negatives. As an administrator, when do you make the call to dismiss your staff and students to the shelter? Also, the staff and students must leave the classroom and relocate, usually that means going outside to another building. This poses a danger as debris could be blowing from the wind and there more than likely would be rain, thunder and lightning.

National Safety Shelters® has partnered with Staying Home Corporation in Harrisonville, MO to offer shelters for the classroom that would protect our staff and students from a shooter on campus and withstand an EF-5 tornado.

The Hide Away® Shelter had also been tested with various weapons and the bullets barely left a mark and certainly did not penetrate the steel. Upon more research I found that Hide Away® uses ¼" military grade American steel that the US Army uses on their armored vehicles.

It was obvious to me, after spending months of time researching, National Safety Shelters® had the best shelter for protecting my staff and students.

I’m proud to say that the Quitman School District will be the first district in Arkansas to have safety shelters in every classroom!"

Dennis Truxler
Superintendent - Quitman School District

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