Gun violence and school shootings pose a very real threat to our students today. The number of mass shootings in the US has averaged more than one per day in 2019, and this number shows no signs of decreasing any time soon. As of Sept 1, 2019, the 244th day of the year, mass shootings have totaled 283. This information is according to the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit that tracks mass shootings. (GVA considers a mass shooting as any incident where at least 4 people were shot excluding the shooter.)

Unique Shelter Solutions offers one of the safest, most practical, and most accessible options for Texas schools. Our ballistic safe rooms and tornado shelters are fabricated from American made NIJ Ballistic Level III steel. This is a military grade steel specially heat treated to withstand all shotgun and handgun calibers and rifle calibers including the 7.62 (.308 Winchester) even if firing armour-piercing rounds typically only available to US military personnel. Whether it be the Hide-Away model or the modular system, we are able to custom design gunshot shelters for any school's classroom configuration and capacity of students per classroom, with minimal intrusion into the classroom's floor space. In addition, we are able to custom design and build these modular, bulletproof shelters to accommodate students and faculty in areas as large as cafeterias and gymnasiums. These sturdy safe rooms will keep students and school teachers protected in the event of an active shooter, as well as a tornado or hurricane. A bulletproof window is built into the door of each unit to provide school faculty the ability to see outside the shelter.

Many possible solutions have been suggested to protect against gun violence in schools, however, most of them do not provide total security. Equipping school teachers with guns is not an option many teachers are comfortable with or prepared for, and it doesn’t guarantee the safety of all students. Likewise, hiring armed guards does not keep all students safe and is expensive for schools. Additionally, lockdown systems do not always prevent entries from a school shooter effectively. Only a ballistics safe room can effectively protect your teachers and students in the event of an active shooter.

Our safe rooms are installed in the front of your classroom, collapse to require only 19 inches of floor space and can expand to house up to the maximum capacity of the classroom including faculty. In case of an active shooter, the safe room can be deployed in a matter of seconds. The bullet resistant steel frame can stop a 30 caliber armor piercing round, like those used in military grade weaponry. Additionally, your ballistics safe room locks from the inside, keeping intruders out.

Please call one of our professionals for a school safety assessment. We also have professionals that specialize in engineering, fundraising, and financing.

Nothing is more important to a parent than knowing that their students are safe at school. Give your teachers, parents, and students peace of mind with the Hide-Away fold out shelter and safe room. Contact Unique Shelter Solutions today for a quote.

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