If you or a loved one would benefit from in-home mobility aids such as a stairlift, home elevator, vertical platform lift, or indoor storm shelter, Unique Shelter Solutions is here to help. Our in-home mobility aids are specially designed to provide total independence for those with limited mobility who do not require a home nursing assistant.


For many people, climbing stairs is hard on the knees and hips, and for people with limited mobility, walking up and down the stairs may not even be possible. That’s why our stairlifts are the perfect solution for those with limited mobility who cannot go up and down the stairs easily. The chair folds to within 12/5” of the wall, conserving maximum space on the staircase. In case of a power outage, the battery backup will provide up to 20 trips, which is plenty of power to last until power is restored. The stairlift comes with a wireless remote control so that you can travel up or down the staircase effortlessly. The high seat back, footrest, and cushioned seat provide maximum comfort. With a speed governor, your stairlift will give you a smooth and peaceful ride on every trip.

Home Elevator

If you have a multi-story home and need an accessible way to travel between floors quickly and safely, our residential elevator may be the right solution for you. Specially designed for retrofit installation, your home elevator is simple to install, will meet your needs, and requires as little space as possible. Multiple color options and an open view design gives your home elevator a modern look. In the case of a power outage, the residential elevator will run at least ten trips on battery power alone. The foldable seat maximizes comfort and accommodates your preference whether you want to sit or stand. Give Unique Shelter Solutions a call to learn more about our battery powered residential elevator.

Vertical Platform Lift

Almost seven million Americans depend on aid from mobility devices to get around. Accessibility is a must for businesses and is a significant need for many homes. Our Vertical Platform Lifts are designed to give wheelchair users easy access to multi-story houses or offices. The quick, smooth, and quiet ride make our wheelchair lifts the preferred choice for residential and business clients. A maximum lift height of up to 14 feet and a 750 lbs capacity, our wheelchair lifts can accommodate every need. Most importantly, when the power goes out, the battery powered vertical platform lift doesn’t.

Hide-Away Storm Shelter

Looking for an accessible indoor storm shelter for your home? Our multiple styles of storm shelters accommodate every need.

Stationary Unit

Our stationary indoor or outdoor storm shelter is easy to install and even easier to access. Find peace of mind and safety from the torrential winds of a hurricane or tornado with this sturdy shelter.

Fold-out units

Built to maximize protection without compromising space, our fold-out units are compact when not in use. During a storm, the fold-out unit is easy to deploy and will accommodate multiple occupants, including wheelchair users and people with mobility devices.

Corner Units

Save space and get immediate access to safety with our corner units. Designed to easily fit in a carport or any other room of the house, our corner units are compact, accessible, and totally secure.

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