Few people think about what they would do in the case of a tornado, house fire, or home invasion. In an emergency, time is the most valuable asset you don’t have, which makes preparation the most vital asset that you do have. You need a plan to protect your family and your cherished possessions when the day comes that their safety is threatened. Unique Shelter Solutions is here to help you prepare for that day.

If you need a sturdy storm shelter, bullet resistant safe room, anti-theft vault, or a fireproof safe, Unique Shelter Solutions offers an all-in-one shelter that will keep your family and possessions safe and secure. The Life Shield Storm Shelter is the perfect shelter and safe room for your family. Quickly installed in the home's garage or outdoors, this above ground storm shelter is easily accessible and sturdy.

Our goal is maximum protection with minimal space intrusion. Our standard size starts at 4x4 and goes up to large and custom sizes, accommodating your every need. We can install your Life Shield shelter in less than an hour outside, in your garage, or another room of the house. If your home is currently under new construction, we can even install your Life Shield to be completely undetectable.

The Life Shield Storm Shelter exceeds all FEMA safety requirements, guaranteeing safe refuge whether you’re facing a category five hurricane or an active shooter situation. You can securely store valuables, firearms, and irreplaceable items in a climate controlled environment at your house.

Whether you’re looking for storm shelter for your family or employees, the Life Shield shelter provides total protection and peace of mind in an emergency situation. Contact us for a quote today.

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