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Above Ground Storm & Tornado Shelters Without Sacrificing Space

Unique Shelter Solutions offers the most innovative Storm Shelters on the market. As the proud sole distributor in Texas of the famous Vortex Vaults Storm Shelter Beds, we give our customers easy access to shelter in the comfort of their home. Our robust and indestructible in-door storm shelters can protect your family from hurricanes, tornadoes, and home invaders. Call or request a quote for details and pricing!

Storm Shelter Beds

As seen on Shark Tank, the Vortex Vaults Storm Shelter Beds provide total protection from severe storms or tornadoes without the need to leave your house and go out into the storm. Fabricated from ¼” US made steel and bullet resistant, your storm shelter bed will keep your family safe from nearly any external threat.

Standard Bed Frame Standard

19" Shelter Height

The Standard storm shelter bed is sturdy, safe, and secure. Our most affordable option, the standard platform shelter will give you peace of mind during a severe storm. Order in any size for any room from twin to king.

Standard Bed Frame Slope Top

38" Shelter Height

The Slope Top storm shelter bed can be raised to 38 inches to accommodate multiple people and allow dwellers to sit upright comfortably. USB charging ports come standard with every bed so you can plug in your phone or other devices.

Standard Bed Frame Three Tiered

57" Shelter Height

The three-tiered storm shelter bed is our Premier and most versatile model. It extends to a full 57 inches in Height and a door opening of 34 inches makes the Vortex Vault wheelchair and impaired mobility accessible. The King version of our 3 tier model provides plenty of space for family and pets (6 to 8 persons).

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Why Purchase A Storm Shelter Bed?

Virtually Indestructible

Fabricated from 1/4 steel, the Vortex Vaults Storm Shelter Beds are strong enough to literally stop a bullet. Our shelter beds have been tested and certified by the Texas Tech Wind Institute and are fully built to FEMA guidelines to protect you and your loved ones from an EF-5 tornado and whatever the tornado brings with it (EF-5 200-318 mph). This robust shelter can withstand the weight of a loaded cement truck being dropped directly on top of it! It is fully locked from the inside upon entrance making it a safe room from home invaders. Being made from ¼” American made steel, the Vortex Vault is bullet proof to all shotgun and almost all handgun calibers.

Easily Accessible

When a severe storm is brewing, the last thing you want to do is go outside in the weather to access your storm shelter. That's why Unique Shelter Solutions offers easily accessible indoor storm shelters. When it comes to shelter, nothing says accessibility like a shelter located directly under your bed.

Simple Deployment

Motorized and remote control operated, your convertible storm shelter can be erected in 60 seconds. Your storm shelter bed's backup battery will keep your shelter running in the case of a power outage.

Wheelchair Accessible

If you need an indoor wheelchair accessible storm shelter, call and ask about our three-tiered shelter. It's spacious and provides easy access for wheelchair users, allowing them to move around inside effortlessly.

HOA Approved

Homeowners Associations often have restrictions on outdoor storm shelters. Many HOAs do not allow homeowners to have them in the yard. Our indoor storm shelter beds are the only HOA approved storm shelters available on the market.

Financing Available

Nothing should keep you from protecting your family, not even money. That’s why Unique Shelter Solutions offers affordable financing options and payment plans. GIve us a call to learn more.

Storm Shelter Bed Features

Standard Features ( C l i c k )
  • All shelters have been and will be certified by Texas wind institute for the F5 rating.
  • All designs are Patent Pending.
  • Shelter operated by 12VDC Battery to provide power when electricity is off, Battery will be charged by a 120 V AC Charger.
  • USB Charging plug ins.
  • Shelter doors can be opened in the up or down position to provide quick access for storage or emergency.
  • King, Queen, Full, and Twin size shelters will be offered as standard products.
  • Down Position Height: 19”
  • Up position Height: 57”
  • Raise and lower time is roughly 1 minute 20 seconds.
  • Installation time will be roughly 5 hours for a 2 man crew. Units can be completely assembled on site and carried in 1 piece at a time to allow installation where typical units cannot go.
Optional Features ( C l i c k )
  • 120 V AC plug ins and USB Plug Ins.
  • HVAC Duct hook up to provide cool air from home cooling unit.
  • Fan to provide fresh external air.
  • Safe lock to provide increased security for valuables.
  • Gun Racks, Document and valuables storage compartments.
  • Panic button to be tied into home alarm system.
  • Bullet resistant plate and fully welded design to provide increased security.
  • Cabinets, drawers, countertops, table tops, etc. can be custom designed and installed on top of the shelter.
  • Custom designs for kitchen islands, dining room tables, conference room tables, etc available upon request.
  • All standard colors are available, custom colors, wood finishing, vinyl stickers will be available.
Life Shield

Life Shield Storm
Shelter / Safe Room

In-Home Tornado Shelter & Safe Rooms

Need a storm shelter and safe room for your family or employees? Our Life Shield Storm Shelters are secure and discreet, allowing for total protection from tornadoes, hurricanes, or active shooters while taking as little space as possible. Standard sizes start at 4x4. You can also order custom sizes to meet your unique needs. Life Shield Storm Shelters can be used as a safe, protecting your valuable items from theft. When you order from Unique Shelter Solutions, we'll install your Life Shield in under an hour.

  • Maximum protection with minimal space intrusion.
  • Garage or carport installations are popular for most existing homes.
  • Complete installation in under one hour.
  • Outdoor installation options for homes without a concrete slab. Shelters for New Construction and Remodel Projects can be engineered to be undetectable.
  • Providing protection from severe weather events.
  • Safe refuge from home intrusion.
  • Secure storage of valuables, firearms and irreplaceable items in a climate controlled environment.

Mobility Aids

Stairlifts, In-Home elevators, vertical platform lifts and storm shelters

Looking for an in-home stairlift, home elevator, vertical platform lift, or storm shelter? Unique Shelter Solutions offers a complete line of in-home products for persons with disabilities. Our selection of high quality mobility aids allows you or your loved ones to get around easily at home without the help of family or a home health nurse.

Texas Tech

Tested and Certified by the Texas Tech Wind Institute


FEMA Certified

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